Saturday, October 9, 2010

2010 Durga Puja Banner Photos

Long before the actual competition, the Puja committees have put up banners everywhere advertising their theme and offerings. The Puja banners are no less fun. Today I took a walk from Ahiritola to Ultadanga and here are a few banners I found on the way.

Quite well known. No mention
of their theme though.
Getting attention for the past few
No mention of theme again

No mention of theme again.
Depending completely on their
celebrity artist Sanatan Dinda
Promoting their theme

New Alipore Suruchi Sangha
banner opposite Sovabazar Metro.
Leaving no stones unturned.
Could not quite get what they
are up to. May be that's why
people will visit them :P

Not even leaving Ma Durga

According to me the last but one was the most innovative. They made their pandal look like Academy of Fine Arts. And their notice format banner is really cool.


Jayanta Banerjee said...

Jiyo Boss!! Eeeta je eekta subject hoote pare bhabtey parini.

Sumit Surai said...

Thank you :)

Unknown said...

Dear sirplease give sone banners for durga puja at sovabazar near red temple

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