Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tala Baroyari Durogtsav 2010


pammi said...

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Hindu Samhati said...

Hindu Samhati is a non-political organization to address human rights, political rights and social rehabilitation of oppressed Hindus in West Bengal. The eastern part of India is facing Islamist onslaught from Bangladesh from where ISI has been sending operatives through its well nurtured network. As the persecution of Hindus continues in Bangladesh, West Bengal is also facing aggressive form of Islamist agenda which is seeking to dominate the State politically and socially. As the vote bank politics results in increasing political clout of the Islamists the challenges before Hindu masses in West Bengal are immense and needs to be met with determination and strong will. The immigration of persecuted Hindus from Bangladesh further requires the Hindu masses of West Bengal to take their responsibilities by helping to rehabilitate them and to seek justice for them.

In 2010 Durga Puja Festival were boycotted by Bengali-Hindus from Deganga, North 24 pargana after the Violent Anti Hindu Riots that took place there during 6-8th Sept. 2010 under supervision of Trinamool congress MP Haji nurul Islam

Star Basak said...

For list of Puja Pandals visit

C h i t r o said...

You will get hot pictures and descriptions on PHOTOMOTO

Anirban Roy said...

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TeamKailashOnline said...

Nice information sharing..Thanks a lot..Happy Navratri to all.

Raj Gaurav Debnath said...


Nice post. Loved those pictures a lot too.

I have just uploaded my post on Durga Puja in my Blog. Please read it when you have some free time. And please write some comments there if you want to. Thank you. Here is the link :

Wish you a very happy Durga Puja. May you enjoy to the fullest and have the best time of your life... :)


anjali gupta said...

Thanks for sharing beautiful pictures of Durga Puja festival. It's really an amazing experience to witness Durga festival. While you are in KOlkat, also, check out famous places to visit in Kolkata.

sunil kumar said...

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